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"I got it straight from a horse's mouth!" Hello horse owner! This Web site is developed for you - so you can get the straight information about Equine Dentistry right from the horse's mouth.

You will find the information you need in seeking the services of an Equine Dental Technician. The links to the left take you throughout Paul Drake's site where you will find information from Paul on:

  • Mouth Care - Why is it needed? Why is it important? What is it?
  • Visit/Checkup - What to expect when you discuss your horse with Paul. What to expect when Paul comes to your barn. Finally, what follow-up tooth work may be necessary and the scheduling of a future visit.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - You are provided with the most frequently asked questions along with answers straight from the horse's mouth. If your question is not here, send an e-mail and the answer will be posted to the site.
  • Schedule - How to schedule a visit to your barn.
  • Rates/Fees - A table presents Paul's rates and fees for services so you have an idea up front about charges.
  • About Paul - a brief resume of Paul's equine dental experience, education from the American Equine Dental School, and his experience with horses.
  • Local Events - Provides a list of links to local events. If you would like your event specifically listed here, please send an e-mail to the Web Designer.
  • Links - Links are provided to important equine dental information, associations, and online and hard copy publications. If you would like a link to your Web site, please e-mail the Web Designer.
  • Contact - Describes several ways to contact Paul Drake to schedule an appointment; to ask a question about your horse's eating habits, behavior, head movements, or teeth; or to schedule Paul to speak on Equine Dentistry to your club, organization, or group.
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