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Upon introduction to each of your horses, I will need to know a little about the horse's demeanor, what disciplines the horse participates in, the type of head-gear and bit the horse utilizes, and whether the horse is having any performance or eating difficulty. Using a demonstration skull, I will, if desired, explain the mechanics of mastication (chewing), the specific functions of the different teeth, and how the teeth interact to grind grain and foliage to digestible sizes.


Using a demonstration skull (if requested), you will learn how your horse's mouth should look, and what procedures are required to restore chewing efficiency and to assure bit-comfort and consequent ultimate riding performance.

The visit/checkup includes, but is not limited to:
  • Observation of horse's general condition
  • A check for facial and cheek swelling related to teeth issues
  • A check for TMJ (temporomandibular-joint) sensitivity
  • Inspection of molar arcades
  • Inspection of incisor arcades
  • Inspection (if existent) of canines ("tusks, tushes, stallion-teeth, eye teeth")
  • Determination if sharp, enamel points are present that may be interfering with mastication and/or causing performance problems
  • An inspection for wolf-teeth and a determination if their presence is significant (causing problems)
  • Determination of the length ratio and interaction between molars and incisors
  • Determination if lateral excursion is either lacking or excessive
  • Evaluation of the foremost premolars

Paul checks Duke's pearly whites.

Work is performed using hand "floats" whenever possible. If an especially troublesome condition exists whereby the use of power tools could perform the work with less stress to the horse, that option would be discussed with the owner.

Following corrections, we will discuss any follow-up that may be required, as well as future scheduling of maintenance. If requested, a reminder will be sent to your home when maintenance is due.